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Relevant players from the energy industry met at the Adapsys office to discuss the main challenges of the sector

The companies Transelec, Energía Río Claro, H2 Chile and Nexgy came to the offices of the consulting firm that is an expert in organizational change to discuss the most important findings of the 3rd Adaptive Capacity in Organizations report and link them to their reality.

What is happening today with the energy sector? What are the main challenges that the industry is facing? In a very exclusive meeting, the companies Transelec, H2 Chile, Energía Río Claro and Nexgy participated in an enriching conversation moderated by Juan Carlos Eichholz, founding partner of Adapsys and leader of the study Adaptive Capacity in Organizations, research that measures - as its name suggests - the adaptive capacity of different types of organizations and explores the organizational challenges that arise around it.

One of the big findings of the study is that all industries are being disrupted by unicorns. In fact, regarding the energy sector, in large traditional companies the Adaptive Capacity Index (AICA) reaches 29,6, while in unicorns it reaches 75,3. Another discovery is that organizations in Latin America have less adaptive capacity than in the US, leaving the energy industry with a 50,4 in the US and 37,4 in Latam. It is also added that the energy industry in Chile is in the last positions and, in this area, start-ups show more adaptive capacity than traditional large ones (64,5 v/s 29,0), reflecting a gap -in Chile- of 35,5.

“I think the energy industry needs more instances of reflection. Today is a world full of opportunities, and if we do not make aware of the need for adaptive capacity that this field requires, we will be left behind. Juan Carlos (Eichholz) today is the reference and the one who guides us in this matter, therefore it seems to me to be a super good event that I hope will be repeated and more executives can be present to share the experiences, the pains, the frustrations, but at the same time time to take that look of opportunity,” said Pamela Collao, head of Change and Culture Management at Transelec.

“I think the instance is super good because there are things that one intuits but that you - with the perspective you show - reaffirm it. Indeed, the energy industry has that problem and we need that adaptive capacity because we are going to be changing. We must understand how multidimensional the challenges of the industry are, which do not correspond to the challenges of an organization, but rather to a country issue. The presentation is very interesting and it is a topic that we are not talking about today… we give it as information,” added Cristián Arredondo, founder of Nexgy.